School Bus Q & A




Sec. 34.013.  BUS SEAT BELT POLICY.  A school district shall require a student riding a bus operated by or contracted for operation by the district to wear a seat belt if the bus is equipped with seat belts for all passengers on the bus.  A school district may implement a disciplinary policy to enforce the use of seat belts by students.
San Benito C.I.S.D. is pleased to provide transportation to and from school as a courtesy service for students who meet the requirements set forth by the Texas Education Agency. 
The Texas Education Agency (TEA) and San Benito C.I.S.D. provide transportation to eligible students that live more than two miles from their assigned school or reside in an adopted hazardous route, as measured by the shortest route that may be traveled on public roads from the student's home to school. 
Eligible students may receive transportation from the designated eligible pick up address associated with their registered home address within their attendance boundary.
Designated Bus stops are created where the public access road intersects with private roads, unpaved roads, non-county adopted roads, and private properties; Board Policy CNA (Legal).  San Benito C.I.S.D. transportation will not travel on private roads, unpaved roads, private properties, and or other roads, as the safety of all our student bus riders is our first priority.
The school bus is an extension of the classroom and discipline will be administered by the campus administrator.  The District's Student Code of Conduct and all other school board policies that apply to the student conduct will be enforced.
What are the parent's responsibilities?
  • Parents or guardians shall be responsible and accountable for the conduct and safety of their children at all times prior to the arrival and departure of the school bus at the assigned school bus stop.
  • Have your child at the bus stop five-ten minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Be at the bus stop five-ten minutes before the bus is scheduled to drop off your elementary aged child(ren).
What if my child needs to get off at a stop other than their regularly assigned stop?
  • Students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus to and from their assigned bus stop to minimize the potential of a hazardous situation.
What behavior is expected of a student while riding the school bus?
  • All students are expected to follow the bus safety rules.
      • Listen and follow driver instructions.
      • Sit properly with your hands and feet to yourself.  Keep belongings in your lap.
      • Talk quietly and use courteous language.
      • Drivers are authorized to assign seats.
      • No eating or drinking allowed.
      • View Student Code of Conduct Handbook
    • The school bus is considered an extended part of the school day.
How will safety infractions be handled?
  • The bus driver will discuss the safety rules and any infractions with the student.
  • The driver may elect to report the safety infraction to the campus using a referral system.
  • The campus makes the decision of what disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the district's Student Code of Conduct handbook.
Is my child able to carry their band instrument, backpacks, class project, etc. on the bus?
  • Band instruments, backpacks, class projects, etc. on the bus can be a concern as large items exhibit the safe evacuation of students in an emergency.  The guideline is to transport the item if the student carries it with him/her to his/her seat.  Students must place these items on their laps or in front of them on the bus floor.  Carry-on items cannot be allowed to block the aisles, service stairs, and or emergency door/exits.  If an object is too large, the parent will be responsible for transporting it.
  • Any type of object carried onto the bus that the driver determines may be dangerous or cause student disruption may be refused. Drivers will not be responsible for student's personal belongings left on the bus.
  • There should be no glass brought onto the bus.