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*************** VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE *****************

SAN BENITO CISD Transportation Registration & Guidelines

San Benito CISD adheres to the Texas Education Agency guidelines to provide transportation to eligible students that live two miles or more from their assigned school or reside in an adopted hazardous route, as measured by the shortest route that may be traveled on public roads from the student's home to school.


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Dear Parents/Guardians,


Designated bus stops are created where the public access road intersects with private roads, unpaved roads, non-county adopted roads and private properties; Board Policy, CNA (Legal).  San Benito C.I.S.D. buses will not travel unto unpaved roads, partial-unpaved roads, private properties, and or other roads that are near canals, resacas, nor an area that does not have an open-wide safe space, for a complete turn-around. 

As we prepare to provide our students and staff with transportation services for 2023-2024 School year, we have developed a plan with the well-being of everyone as our top concern.  Register your child for transportation services by accessing Family Access on Skyward. 
Below are the guidelines set in place effective January 12, 2022:
  1. Parents are to be present with their child/children enrolled in Pre-K through 4th grade at the designated bus  stops.
  2. Parents are to be present to receive their child/children enrolled in Pre-K through 4th grade at the designated bus stop.  Student(s) who do not have a parent/guardian present will return to their home campus. 
    1. Parents will be responsible for picking up their child at the campus.  
  3. Parents are encouraged to keep their child at home if they are feeling sick.
  4. Sanitizer dispensers are available in every bus.
  5. Students will have assigned seats and must remain seated.
  6. Students will only be allowed to ride their assigned bus to and from school.
  7. Students are to keep their hands, feet and objects to themselves.
  8. For Ventilation purposes, designated windows will remain open during the transport of passengers. 
  9. Video and Audio recording devices are equipped in our school buses.  
  10. Vandalism and Graffiti offenders will be prosecuted under Texas Penal Code Title 7 Ch. 28.
    1. Damages to bus seats range from $190 up to $1100 on newer model buses. 
Thank you for your support of our district, students, staff and community.
Nancy L Martinez
Director of Transportation 
The San Benito CISD Transportation department would like to thank the students who participated in this year's TAPT School Bus Safety Poster Contest. We received 53 posters from our campuses.  The Transportation Poster Committee selected one for each division for the STAPT Poster Contest to take place in February at the next chapter meeting.