Student Referral Systems

1.) Listen and follow driver instructions.
2.) Sit properly with your hands and feet to yourself.  
3.) Talk quietly and use courteous language.
4.) Bus Drivers are authorized to assign seats.
5.) No eating, drinking or chewing gum allowed.
6.) No Smoking or Use of Tobacco.
7.) No Fighting, Pushing, Shoving or Running.
8.) Students must use headphones to listen to music/videos on electronic devices. 
9.) Keep all Personal Items and School Supplies in the backpacks.
10.) Do not throw objects in the bus or outside the windows. 
The school bus is an extension of the classroom and discipline will be administered by the Campus Administrator. The District's Student Code of Conduct and all other School Board Policies that apply to the student conduct and other student related activities apply to the school bus and student transportation.
  • Steps and Consequences for inappropriate behavior or conduct on the bus include the following : 
      1. * First Offense: The student will be given a written warning depending on the severity of the incident and at the Campus Administrator's discretion and judgement, additional action may be taken. 
      2. ** Second Offense:  The student will be suspended from the bus for not less than 5 school days. 
      3. *** Third Offense: The student will be suspended from the bus for a minimum of (9) weeks or the remainder of the nine week grading period.
Major Offenses including, but not limited to fighting, obscenity, cursing, confrontation with the driver, vandalism, etc. will be handled according to the severity of the offense.  The Campus Administrator has the authority to skip steps according to the category and number of violations. 
A team effort is required by transportation, campus personnel, parents as well as students to ensure that every student travels to and from school safely, every day!