Training that has been provided to the Security Department.
  • Crime Prevention – Basic Criminal Investigations
  • Student Code of Conduct – Use of Force/ Classroom Instruction
  • Student Rights and Responsibility – Use of Force/Field Exercise
  • Employee Rights and Responsibility – Weapon Familiarization/Classroom Instruction
  • Penal Code – Weapon Familiarization/ Field Exercise
  • Education Code – Security Duties and Responsibility
  • Transportation Code – Blood Borne pathogens
  • Family Violence – Back Injury Prevention
  • Fire Extinguisher Training – Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Report Writing – Security Safety
  • Gang Resources System – Patrol Procedures
  • K-9 Procedures – Cultural Diversity
  • Drug Awareness – Intro To metal Detectors ( Walk through)
  • Safety Awareness – Rules and Regulations
  • Student Search and Seizure Child Abuse
  • Sexual Assault – Violence and Drugs in the Work Place
  • Employee Policies – Arrest Search and Seizures
  • Firearms Safety and Rules – Accident Investigation
  • Family Violence – Field Note Taking
  • Alcohol Beverage code – Protecting the scene and evidence
  • Juvenile justice Code – Gathering of information
  • Family Law – Documenting of formation
  • Health and Safety Code – Campus Security Surveys
  • Drug Abuse – Radio communications
  • Gang Awareness – Campus Crime Stoppers
  • Working With the Media – Department producers
The San Benito C.I.S.D. Police Department recieved training from STEC Supervisor Pedro Moreno on bleeding control principles as part of the Stop the Bleed-Save a Life Campaign within the district. The program provides attendees with skills and basic tools that prove vital in stopping uncontrolled bleeding during emergency situations.