Board Committees

Committee meetings of the San Benito CISD Board of Trustees will be conducted differently during the ongoing 2023-2024 academic year.  Said meetings will no longer involve a quorum and will be held in an informal setting to consider agenda items that may be placed on the agenda for the month’s board meeting.


The routine board meeting(s) will include all agenda items and information that the Board of Trustees will act on, and the public will be provided with information regarding said items. Committee meetings held in June and July of 2023 were held using the aforementioned parameters.


It is important to note* that the Texas Open Meetings Act does not apply when a quorum of school board trustees is not present and those in attendance are not conducting decision-making business.


* San Benito CISD Board Policy BDB LEGAL and LOCAL (Board Internal Organization: Internal Committees)

Chair: Mario Silva
Co-Chair: Rudy Corona/Oscar Medrano


Chair: Rudy Corona
Co-Chair: Alex Reyna/Frutoso Gomez


Chair: Frutoso M. Gomez, Jr.
Co-Chair: Ariel Cruz-Vela/Rudy Corona


Chair: Dr. Ariel Cruz-Vela
Co-Chair: Alex Reyna/Rudy Corona