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Special Services Director
Larissa Rivas-Leal
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San Benito, TX 78586
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Phone No: 956-361-6221
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The San Benito CISD is committed to the purpose of providing all students the opportunity to develop to their full potential. Each student who is a resident of San Benito has available a comprehensive education program that provides a well-balanced curriculum that includes those essential elements that represent core knowledge, skills and competencies that all students should learn to be effective and productive members of society. Students with special needs are to be instructed in those same essential elements in a manner appropriate to their needs.

Participants are guaranteed an equal opportunity for a free appropriate public education. Special education students will remain in regular education programs with special education support services, supplementary aids, or other special arrangements provided as needed.





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The San Benito Consolidated Independent School District intends to destroy
special education eligibility folder records maintained for individual
students who have not received special education services since
2013-2014. The information is no longer needed to provide
educational services. Special education records inactive from 2013 to
2014 or before will be destroyed by shredding or burning.
Destruction of these records conforms to the requirements of the following
legal authorities -
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: §300.611-300.625;
Texas State Library & Archives Commission, Local Schedule
SD (13 TAC 7.125(a) (4) (Second Edition), Retention Schedule
for Records of Public School Districts - Section 3- 1: Special
Education Program Records, and Financial Accountability
System Resource Guide, Update 14-January 2010-
Destruction of Records.

A parent or adult student wanting to exercise the right to access those
records and request copies must make the written request so that it
arrives in the Special Services office no later than January 31st, 2023.