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San Benito Consolidated Independent School District

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240 N. Crockett St., San Benito, TX 78586 Phone: 956-361-6100

San Benito CISD introduces Fraud Hotline number

Jessica Montalvo, CPA and Internal Auditor for the district, explains, “A reporting hotline is a method of communication that allows employees who witness unethical activities to report them in a confidential manner.”


The hotline is considered a best practice for any organization and serves to improve the ethics of its culture, providing company employees with an avenue to report inappropriate actions anonymously and confidentially.  


If employees have procedures of reporting irregularities in place, district management can find out about irregularities in a timely manner and take corrective action before the situation escalates. The use of a reporting hotline can lead to greater transparency and limit the temptation of engaging in the unethical activities.


The hotline is not to be used to report complaints or grievances involving wages, working conditions, discrimination and other personnel issues. These issues should be reported in accordance with Board Policy DGBA (Local) related to Employee Complaints/Grievances.


Toll free numbers are 1-833-310-0030 (English) and 1-800-216-1288 (Spanish) and can be used to report any of the following anonymously:


Illegal or fraudulent acts
Theft of district or property funds
Misuse of district property
Violation of the Law
Vandalism and Sabotage
Violation of Policy other than DGBA (Local)
Falsification of contract, reports or records
Ethical Violations
Bribery & Kickbacks
Improper Conduct

For more information, please call Montalvo at (956) 361-6176.