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San Benito Consolidated Independent School District

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240 N. Crockett St., San Benito, TX 78586 Phone: 956-361-6100


Dr. Kevin Phillips
Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services
Phone No: 956-361-6150
Fax:  956-361-6291
Lynette Zamora
Secretary Asst. Superintendent of Admin. Services
Phone No: 956-361-6158

Risk Management~Parental Engagement~AEDs~Health Services~Employee Benefits~Employee Wellness~FMLA~Sick Leave Pool~Fire Drills & Evacuation~Employee 504s~Safety~Worker’s Compensation~Contracts~ Certification ~Fingerprints~Unemployment Claims~Job Descriptions~Employee Awards~ONE*APP~Transfers~Position Control Report ~Substitutes ~Stipends~Nurses~Evaluations~Employee Badges~Employee Records~Service Records~Verification of Employment~Letters of Assurance~I-9s~ Employee Handbook~TxEIS Personnel~Employee Grievances~Board Policies~Stipends~Compensation~T-TESS~T-PESS~EEOC/Title IX~Mentors
Cassandra Espino, HR Specialist
San Benito HS
Miller Jordan MS Riverside MS
Dr. Cash Elementary
Energy Management
Maintenance Dept.
Business Office
Human Resources
Migrant Dept.
Technology Dept.
Laura Diaz, HR Specialist
Dr. Garza Elementary
Angela Leal Elementary
Fred Booth Elementary
Rangerville Elementary
Oscar De La Fuente Elementary
La Paloma Elementary
Darrell Hester/Amador Rodriguez
Transportation Dept.
Academic Services
Joanna Galvan, HR Specialist
Berta Cabaza MS
Frank Roberts Elementary
Sullivan Elementary
Landrum Elementary
La Encantada Elementary
Ed Downs Elementary
After School Program
Police/Security Dept.
Special Services Dept. 
Parental Engagement Dept. 
Print Shop
Purchasing Dept.
Abraham Gallegos, HR Coordinator
Hourly Employees
Erika Echartea, HR Coordinator
Monthly Employees 
Beatriz Ramirez, HR Clerk
Irene Martinez, HR Clerk
File Room
Service Records
Employment Verification
Student Loan Forgiveness
Student Observations
Janie Gonzalez
Insurance Specialist
Phone No: 956-361-6186
Lucy Garcia
Insurance Specialist
Phone No: 956-361-6185

Luis Gonzales
Parental Engagement Coordinator
Phone No: 956-361-6310

Janette Rodriguez
Health Services Coordinator
Phone No: 956-361-6370
Human Resources Department Staff
Bottom, from left: Laura Diaz( HR Specialist), Dr. Kevin Phillips (Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services) & Bea Ramirez (HR Clerk)
Middle, from left: Lynette Zamora (Secretary, Asst. Superintendent of Administrative Services), Lucy Garcia (Insurance Specialist), Irene Martinez (HR Clerk) & Erika Echartea (HR Coordinator)
Top, from left: Cassandra Espino (HR Specialist), Abraham Gallegos (HR Coordinator) & Joanna Galvan (HR Specialist)