Attendance Handbook (TEA)

All public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools in Texas are required to submit student
attendance data through the Texas Student Data System Public Education Information Management
System (TSDS PEIMS). The Student Attendance Accounting Handbook (handbook) supports that
requirement and establishes related student attendance accounting requirements.
The handbook:
• describes the Foundation School Program (FSP) eligibility requirements of all students,
• prescribes the minimum standards for all attendance accounting systems,
• lists the documentation requirements for attendance audit purposes, and
• details the responsibilities of all district and charter school personnel involved in student
attendance accounting.
The handbook is for all Texas school district and charter school personnel involved in the student
attendance accounting process. No school district or charter school official (or any other person in your
district or charter school) has the authority, either implied or actual, to change or alter any rules,
regulations, or reporting requirements specified in this handbook.