Student Transfer Forms

San Benito CISD is accepting requests from Out-of-District Student Transfers for the 2022-2023 school year. Transfer requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and require approval of the Superintendent or his Designee. Criteria for approval include good grades, passing most recent STAAR, good attendance record, and no disciplinary issues. Completed application must be submitted to San Benito CISD PEIMS Department and will then be forwarded to Central Administration office. Superintendent and/or his Designee will review for final disposition. A phone call will then be made informing each applicant of disposition and at that time; you will be required to take all documents required by the campus with you at the time of registration. Documents submitted with the transfer application will not be sent to the campus. Further questions can be directed to Juan Garcia, District PEIMS Clerk, at 956-361-6180.

Items needed for registration Student

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Immunization Record
  • Parent’s Picture ID or Driver’s License
  • Guardianship letter, if child is not living with parent(s)
  • Government assistance documentation (TANF, SNAP, SSI)
  • Proof of Residence-Utility Bill (gas, water, or light)
  • Notarized Letter for Residence (If utility bill is under someone else’s name) 
  • Pre-K Only- Proof of income (current check stub or current tax return) 
Student Transfer Within the District
Elementary/ Middle School Transfer Expectations
1. Any campus that accepts a student not zoned to their campus, has made a commitment for the academic year (regardless of behavioral issues, poor attendance, excessive tardiness or low academic performance).
2. Explain to parents, it is their responsibility to provide transportation for the children, should they get approval to transfer to a campus outside of their zone.
3. No approval needed from Campus Principals or Director of Student Services, if the family moves to a new zoned area.
4. Approval needed by Campus Principals and the Director of Student Services, should the parent initiate the transfer from campus A (home) to campus B (requested campus).
5. Do not enroll a student until the complete transfer process is approved by the Director of Student Services.
1. Campus A PEIMS Clerk must issue out the Campus Transfer Request Form to parent and explain the transportation guidelines.
2. Campus A PEIMS Clerk explains and assist the parent in filling out the Campus Transfer Request Form and stamps the current date on form.
3. Campus A PEIMS Clerk then submits Campus Transfer Request Form to Campus A Principal for approval signature.
4. Campus A PEIMS Clerk then sends Campus Transfer Request Form to Campus B PEIMS Clerk, who will stamp the current date received and then forward to Campus B Principal for approval signature.
5. Campus B PEIMS Clerk then forwards to Student Services Secretary who will then stamp it with date received.
6. Student Services Secretary will then forward Campus Transfer Request Form to the Student Services Director for review.
7. Student Services Secretary will forward approved or denied Campus Transfer Request Form to Campus A and B PEIMS Clerk.
8. Campus B PEIMS Clerk will notify parents of Approval.
9. Campus A PEIMS Clerk will notify parents of Non-Approval.
10. No student should be enrolled until we get to step #8.