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Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary Chess Team

The Dr. C. M. Cash Chess Team placed 18th in the K-3 Championship Division and the K-3 JV under 700 placed 25th in the nation at Super Nationals in Nashville, Tennessee. There were 5,578 players representing 1,056 teams and 50 states competing at the event, which is held every four years and considered one of the most competitive chess tournaments in the world. The Dr. C. M. Cash K-3 Championship Team is comprised of Kaitlynn McNutt, Kevin Cruz, Devanta Alaniz, and Elijah Vasquez. The Dr. C. M. Cash K-3 JV Under 700 Team is comprised of Albert Gonzalez, Esteban Garcia, Jason Salazar, and Brenna Salinas. Congratulations to the Dr. C. M. Cash chess scholars for their amazing win that was earned with a great deal of hard work. Special thank you to Coach Colt Smith, ASP Coordinator Michelle Ruelas, and Principal Dilia Cornett.

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