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Spelling Bee 2017

San Benito CISD is proud to announce that Lindsey Rubi Montemayor of Berta Cabaza Middle School earned the first place honor after successfully spelling the word fathom (noun-a unit of length equal to 6 feet, used especially for measuring the depth of water). Montemayor is no stranger to the districtwide spelling competition. Last year, she placed second, and in 2015, she placed third. Montemayor will represent San Benito CISD at the 29th Annual Rio Grande Valley Regional Spelling Bee, slated for Saturday, March 4, at South Texas College in Weslaco. We wish her continued success!

We would also like to congratulate other top winners, including second place winner Lily Marroquin of Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary, and third place winner Mariah Garcia of Berta Cabaza Middle School.

Congratulations to this year’s Spelling Bee winners and participants. A special thanks goes out to participating campuses, Spelling Bee coaches, coordinators, principals and all campus and district staff members responsible for coordinating this successful event.