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Re-Imagine 2021 Strategic Plan

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Adrian Vega would like to extend his most sincere appreciation to the San Benito CISD Board of Trustees, staff, students, parents and business and community members for their contributions to the school district’s Re-Imagine 2021 Strategic Plan Campaign – a true collaborative effort of everyone involved.

Marking an extraordinary and historic occasion for the school district, members of the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the strategic during a special board meeting on Tuesday, July 19, 2016. Designed to positively impact the future of San Benito CISD, the Re-Imagine 2021 Strategic Plan will guide the district toward an exciting future of excellence and remarkable accomplishments.

  • SBCISD – Re-Imagine 2021 Strategic Plan Campaign Timeline


Re-Imagine 2021
Curriculum & Instruction Update

Executive Director of Academic Services Julie Treviño and Gina Ortiz, Director of Assessment, Research, and Evaluation, team leaders for Re-Imagine 2021 (Curriculum & Instruction) provided a Curriculum & Instruction update to the San Benito CISD Board of Trustees during the August board meeting.

Download Curriculum & Instruction Re-Imagine 2021 update (pdf)


Team leaders will provide monthly updates according to the following schedule:

•December–Communications/Public Relations

September 13, 2016 Re-Imagine 2021 Finance Update

Finance (PowerPoint) 9-13-16
Finance (PDF)


October 11, 2016 Re-Imagine 2021 Facilities Update

Facilities (PowerPoint)


November 5, 2016 Re-Imagine Update

Curriculum & Instruction (PowerPoint)
Communications/Public Relations (PowerPoint)
Facilities (PowerPoint)
P-20 (PowerPoint)


November 15, 2016 Re-Imagine P-20 Update

P-20 (PowerPoint)


December 13, 2016 Re-Imagine Communications Update

Communications (PowerPoint)


January 17, 2017 Re-Imagine Curriculum & Instruction Update

Curriculum & Instruction (PowerPoint)


February 14, 2017 Re-Imagine Finance Update

Finance (PowerPoint)


March 21, 2017 Re-Imagine Facilities Update

Facilities (PowerPoint)


April 11, 2017 Re-Imagine Facilities P-20

P-20 (PowerPoint)


May 16, 2017 Re-Imagine Communications

Communications Update (PowerPoint)